Boot Camp ( …really ??)


pexels-photo-66440-mediumLast week a friend of mine egged me to join Boot Camp.  “It is for 6 weeks,” she told me, “and half hour sessions each class.  You only have to come a minimum of three days a week. Oh, and we also have to follow a paleo diet. Paleo diet is just meat, eggs, nuts, and vegetables; no grains, no dairy, no caffeine, no beans and NO SUGAR.” No sugar–my ears only picked up that much … really? Sugar is one of my food groups. No way!

So, my monkey mind immediately started visualized all these hunky, gorgeous men and women, exercising with their muscles rippling, lifting 50 pound weights with their index fingers.  And, of course, everyone else looked absolutely svelte in their incredibly fitted exercise clothes.pexels-photo-136410-medium

And then there was me, definitely skinny fat, no muscle tone whatsoever, huffing and puffing, attempting to do bent-over rows with 2 lb. weights.

“Nope”, I said, “No. Can’t do it. I won’t survive.  I will be the laughing stock of the whole gym.”  Then I remembered my very own words in the last article, about not having preconceived notions about anything and trying out everything with an open mind. Well, that art class was five years ago and I must have forgotten my own words.  We are only human, right? And, anyways, at this point, I was quite sure the pictures in my head were 100% correct. But because I had written the article last week, I said, well this is a dare for me to go right out and do this. Let me see if I can walk my walk.  Otherwise I am pretty much a loser.

As a preliminary, we had to meet our instructor to be interviewed—so he would know that we were not going to quit after one day and screw up his data on women finishing 6 weeks.  When I went there, before HE could say anything, I proceeded to tell him what I couldn’t do—I could not stop drinking tea. Heavens! if I stopped taking the two spoonfuls of sugar in each cup, my body would keel over with hypoglycemia. There would be no reason to get up in the morning anymore.  If I gave up chocolate, that would be absolutely bad for everyone else–I would be grouchy and mean.  And quit cheese–that meant no pizza, my favorite food in the world? He was joking. I also told him I definitely could not lift more than five pounds’ weights. My muscles could just not take handle it.

The coach, thank the lord, listened to me very carefully and patiently, and said, “Look, even before we have started, you already are giving up.  Why don’t you give it a shot? And what do you mean you can’t carry more than 5 lbs.?  You carry a purse, don’t you?  Don’t you lift grocery bags?”  I asked him, “Why don’t you just say ‘no’ to me.  Then at least I would be relieved that I asked and you said no?” He said,” Nope, you’re in. I have full faith in you.”

Well, there I was –off to boot camp with one person’s (not mine) total belief in me. And, two weeks into it, you know what–not everybody there is in shape (me for starters). But there we are, having a good time.  We run, lift weights, do burpees, basically pump every muscle in our body.pexels-photo-175708-medium

And so far so good two weeks into it, yes, I have given up sugar in my tea.  Unheard of!  I was more likely to give up my children than this.  But I did it.  And, in fact, when I went out to lunch with a friend yesterday and overdosed on cake (a no-no for this diet–ok, so I cheated a bit) –I actually felt very lethargic.  I would never have felt this way before, even after eating a 5 lb. bag of pure sugar.  But now the sugar was wrecking havoc on my body.  Wow–I was doing something right!

So, no, I haven’t lost weight. I suspect I actually gained some.  We are not allowed to weigh ourselves. I have something of a trickle of a bump in my biceps coming up. I have made friends—what with all of us encouraging and urging each other to come to class–we have to be pretty tight.  The coach actually likes me, too.  He told me I could eat a couple of tiny pieces of dark chocolate every day. What do you know!

Most importantly, I did what I did not think I could do—go into something that I had preconceived notions of, denying the negative, jumping right in there and having fun. It’s all THUMBS UP!

GO do something you 100% know you would NEVER EVER DO. And tell me about it.  Having the ability to change a negative mindset, making it positive and then enjoying what you are doing–it is like being born again.  Everyone, trust me, get out of your comfort zone!








  1. Wowwww Sona.. You are doing great… Challenging oneself and pushing beyond your limits just proves that… ‘It’s all in the mind’…. The mind is your most important tool to make you or break you…. One learns from experiences just like you have right now…like not having sugar in your tea… Unthinkable for you at one point… But once you had a strong mind to do it… You actually did it… Kudos again for all the strength and integrity you show time and again…. Keep up your spirit and keep inspiring others……

    Loads of luv❤️ Sandhya

    • Dearest Sandhya: Thank you so much, as always, for reading the articles, for your love and encouragement, and for your advice/comments. It means the WORLD! With love. Sona.

  2. Sona, You are the cutest!! Just remember because you are so thin, your biceps are going to be much easier to develop than someone who has more fat!!😊 Always find the silver lining!! You are so blessed. I love you my friend! And so proud of you for taking risks!!😘🙏🏽💞

    • Darling Kathy: WHAT can I say—you are my idol. 30 years ago when we met you were gorgeous. Now you are simply stunning. If I get to be 1% of anything like you, I will be in BLISS! I love YOU!

  3. Sona, you are such an inspiration. Sugar is the love of my life 🙂 I will try to give it up for a week. If I succeed, the credit goes to you 🙂 Love reading your articles!!

    • Wow—Nita, you can do it. IF I could do it (and wild horses couldn’t drag me away), YOU CAN. You have to tell me ALL! We are partners in crime. Love you.

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