Dr. Issam Nemeh: Messenger of God

Dr. Issam Nemeh

I decided to get an appointment for my 17-year-old son, Nachu, with Dr. Issam Nemeh. Nachu was given less than two months to live. Radiation, chemotherapy and other conventional treatments were not only futile, but they had weakened him. He had lost 60 lbs., and he was in tremendous amounts of pain.

Great one of Dr! 2Dr. Nemeh, an anesthesiologist in Ohio, integrates prayer with acupuncture, fusing spirituality and medicine. He prays over patients and hundreds of people have been cured. He states that it is God who heals. He merely surrenders himself as an instrument for God to use. “When medication and medical treatment do not have the complete effect, you add prayer. Prayer is sometimes the missing piece that can complete a healing.

I called Dr. Nemeh’s office. They were booked solid for more than nine months. Nachu would die before then! I agonized over how he would be seen. God, however, has His own plans. A few days later, a friend called because she knew Kathy Nemeh (Dr. Nemeh’s wife) and told her Nachu’s story. Kathy made an appointment for Nachu to see Dr. Nemeh right away.

We flew to Ohio one afternoon for Nachu’s 9 p.m. appointment. Dr. Nemeh spends a lot of time with each patient. Nachu did not see Dr. Nemeh until 10:30 p.m. The appointment lasted past midnight. Nachu had an awful day already.  It was a combination of taking a flight, sitting upright for so long in a tiny plane, me forgetting his heating pad. By the time we walked into Dr. Nemeh’s office, Nachu was in unbearable pain.  He had already maxed out on his meds.  He could barely walk or turn his head. He was making his hands into tight fists to deal with the extreme discomfort.  It was hard to watch him. Kathy cried when she saw him walk through the door.

Dr Praying news picDr. Nemeh started his meridian acupuncture.  He did a few points around Nachu’s feet.  At the same time, he prayed.  All of a sudden, Dr. Nemeh whispered, “The Holy Spirit is coming in now.”  He added, “I sense Nachu’s father helping along with a lot of Saints and Angels.” Within a few seconds, Nachu started shaking, with his right foot quivering rapidly.  Dr. Nemeh said, “God is healing his pain.”  This went on for about 30 mins.

Then Dr. Nemeh started acupuncture on Nachu’s back.  He had incredible amounts of pain in the neck area.  Nachu was screaming in agony and had tears coming down his cheeks.  All of a sudden, his neck just went into sinuous movements.  Dr. Nemeh said that his vertebrae and his bones were re-adjusting.  You could just see his bones in the neck and shoulders moving by themselves–like a ripple effect under the skin. That is the best way to describe it.  This went on for about 20 minutes.

At the end of the session, Nachu was feeling a lot better than before.  His pain was more than 80% relieved. Dr. Nemeh said that the discomfort should get better–it will not be instantaneous.

Dr Praying for SightDr. Nemeh called me to another room. He told me that he prayed to the Holy Spirit for Nachu. He said Nachu was a very good and high soul. In all honestly, Nachu would not live. When a healing takes place, he can tell right away. Some people are healed because that is the Universe’s choice but some people are not. In Nachu’s case, a lot of transformation happened in the mind, not the body. I decided not to tell Nachu any of this.

Over the next few days, I noticed a change in Nachu. His face was calmer; he was more accepting of his situation. His tumor grew rapidly yet tranquility was overwhelmingly around him. His sisters told me later that he had talked to them about where he wanted his ashes spread. He also told them which of his material possessions to give to which friends.

On the eve of his death, we were staying with Nachu in the hospice room. He was paralyzed chest down, yet still as alert and conscious as ever. He woke up with a start about 1:30 a.m., the morning of Good Friday. “Mom!” he exclaimed, pointing in the air. “Dr. Nemeh is here. He is right in front of me. There, there, can’t you see?” I jumped up and ran towards Nachu’s bed. Of course, I could not see anything. There were no blobs, no shapes, no lights. Nachu said matter-of-factly that Dr. Nemeh was telling him it was now his time to go and that he would be with him all the way through. Then Nachu promptly went back to sleep. And I was up the whole night.

In the morning, I was about to call Kathy to tell her what happened, when she called. She said, “Sona, I have something to tell you.” She proceeded to tell me that when Dr. Nemeh went to bed about 1:30 am, he told her that he was talking to Nachu’s spirit. Nachu was ready to go home. I teared up, repeating the same conversation to Kathy, from Nachu’s standpoint. Nachu did indeed pass away very peacefully that day.

With Dr. Nemeh prayers, Nachu gained inner strength and total acceptance of his life. I saw in the midst of grief, Nachu attained peace. In disappointment (he got paralyzed), he had peace. In humiliation (towards the end, with his bowel and bladder function gone), he had peace. In loss (of his life’s quality), he had peace. And in death, he had peace. What can be more of a miracle when you attain peace at such stages of suffering?

GetAttachment-1Recently, in May 2016, I went back to see Dr. Nemeh at a healing service. After so many years, I wanted to go back and thank Kathy and Dr. Nemeh for their love, care, and compassion for Nachu. Many people had come for the service, young, old, healthy, sick. All came with faith and hope. Dr. Nemeh took his time praying and conversing with each person. It humbled me to see him spending hours on his feet all day long, without taking any breaks. He prayed over each person with his heart and soul. We all have the expectations for a cure. Dr. Nemeh is the messenger to help those who can be cured and for the rest to accept their peace. Dr. Nemeh has given his life to God and he is truly an instrument of the Holy Spirit.
dr praying with child
Dr one on one at service

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  1. […] Dr. Sona Bhatnagar had just lost her husband in a motorcycle accident. Was she about to lose her 17-year-old son, Nachu, to bone cancer? His doctors gave him two months to live. This was a life-and-death struggle. A series of events led the mother and son to Dr. Nemeh’s office. Nachu would see Dr. Nemeh again over Skype. The most startling encounter of doctor and patient involved a more supernatural event. […]

    • Thank you so much, Philip, for adding it on to your website (blindfaithlive.com). I am so grateful to you for sharing Dr. Nemeh and Nachu’s story. With love. Sona.

  2. Dr Nemeh is so beautiful person the words can not describe it how compassionate he is. I love him so much and I am just a stranger. I met him and the feeling of love and kindness and understanding radiates from him like SUN.

    • Dear Mark: Thank you so much for your message. It is so true. He is so full of love and compassion. I love your description of him—radiating love, kindness, and understanding like the SUN. Perfectly said! Thank you. With love. Sona.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story with Blind a Faith live. As a patient of Dr. nemeh’s I am heartened routinely by his way of approaching and treating. Your story is so comforting, and your spirit so uplifting.,I’m certain many will benefit from its ongoing virtues. Thank you for sharing it.

    • Dear Gloria: Thank you so much for your sweet e-mail. Yes, Dr. Nemeh is just a wonderful God’s Gift to all of us. And, yes, things don’t always work out the way we want them to. It is a life lessons for us. I love you for your message. Thank you!

  4. Thank you for a most Spirit filled story. Yes, Dr. Nemeh is a man of empathy, a man of love, and a man filled with the Holy Spirit. Dr. Sona…may God continue to keep you and bless you.

    • Dear Harold: Thank you so much for reading the story and for your message and blessings. I am truly honored. Thank you from my heart. With love. Sona.

  5. What a beautiful, personal story you have shared with us. I am so sorry for your losses. My son, Ryan has been seeing Dr. Nemeh for about 8 years now, after suffering a diving accident which left him paralyzed from the neck down. Without the ecncouragement and love shown by Dr. Nemeh, my son would have been lost forever. His faith in Jesus has been restored and his is living a very Godly life. All the pain and sorrow we have experienced was well worth it, as meeting the Dr. has been a life changing experience for us both. We feel that the doctor, Kathy and his children are all part of our family, now and we just love them so much. Jesus’s love and healing sometimes does come from horrific experiences, as it opens our eyes and hearts to Him. God bless you.

  6. Dearest Michelle: Thank you for sharing your story. WOW! You and your family are amazing. You are TRULY Jesus’s disciples in every way. I hope to meet you and Ryan in the future. Unfortunately, mostly in tragedy, we humans turn to God. And I agree with you, if this is the way we had to, with our experiences, so be it. As long as we open our eyes and hearts to Him. God Bless You! Love. Sona.

  7. Did your son really say “Mom! Dr. Nemeh is here. He is right in front of me. There, there, can’t you see?” It’s just mind blowing for me to think that Dr. Nemeh was talking to your son’s spirit as his wife told you the next morning. Is that even possible?

    • Dear Alex:

      Very true!!! And this was taken even more seriously as Nachu was the type of child who did not believe in God, spirit, etc.

      And when Kathy called me the next morning (and I had been thinking of calling her all night after this episode happened), I was bursting to tell her what happened. She told me and it just blew me away!

      I do believe in all this. And it hit home for us. There is something way beyond us humans and we need to know this.

      Thank you for reading the article.



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