Flip that attitude!


clerk-business-businesswoman-busy-41272-mediumFor the past few days, I had not felt like doing anything on my to-do list. Everything had been put off for “later”. Now, I had lots more to finish—because things had been accumulating over the week. And just seeing this growing pile made me want to distance myself from it even more. I felt like it was a monumental task that could not be overcome. The longer the stack got, the lazier I became and the more depressed I felt. This was getting to be a vicious cycle.  My life was careening off in a direction I did not like.

Then I realized, “WAIT A minute!!! Stop! HALT!  WHAT am I doing? What a terrible attitude.  I have to change my mental state.” I decided that enough was enough. I was not going to let my monkey mind own me. It had already done that for the past few days–telling me, “Nah, those things are not that big a deal. You can put it off. Nobody cares.” The problem was I cared, I was upset, and I was not benefiting by the negativity I was creating. I was going to FINISH those jobs.

I got up, and started executing the list.

The first few ‘chores” were absolute tortures. Although I forced myself to do them, I was not thrilled about it. And I was pretty sluggish doing them. But, you know what? As I completed each item, I got IMMENSE pleasure crossing it off the list. As I kept doing this faster and faster, I thought to myself, “Hey, it’s not so bad.  It’s kind of fun— finishing the job and shrinking my list. Why did I wait so long? It was such an easy decision.” In the end, I got MORE work done than was originally on my list. I had finished so quickly that I started tomorrow’s items today. I was actually ahead of myself.  Imagine that!

I realized my life changed for the better because I made the decision to transform my mindset from negative to positive. Because of that, I finished off faster what I needed to do. Since all my chores were completed, I was happy. AND I had more time to do other things and enjoy life. It was exhilarating!


We are in control of our own lives with the choices and decisions we make. If our thoughts are affirmative, our actions follow that, and our life becomes positive, energetic, and exciting. We can either make our lives crappy or happy.

Which one do you choose?








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